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SF730E Series Vector control Frequency Drive for PMSM.
(For Permanent magnet motor)
  • Input voltage,V
  • 1PH 200V~240V
  • 3PH 200V~240V
  • 3PH 380V~480V
  • Power range , kW
  • 0.75kW~7.5kW
  • 0.75kW~160kW
  • 0.75kW~400kW


  • Main Features of SF730E Series AC Drive

    1) Available for both induction motor & Permanent motor

         1)SF730 series frequency inverter for AC induction motor (AS asynchronous motor)

         2) SF730E series frequency inverter for Permanent Magnet Synchronous motor (PMSM)

    2) Strict temperature-rise test

        Adopt the most strict cyclic overload test to meet the long-term reliable operation under extreme load conditions.

    3) Independent air duct design

        Use the large air volume & long-lift cooling fans to reduce the internal temperature rise to keep the drive reliable 

        & stable run.

    4) Perfect protection system

       40 protection and alarm functions

    5) Internation stardard wide-voltage input range

        Rated voltage:3phase 380V~480V 50/60HZ

        Allowable voltage fluctuation:323V~528V 50/60HZ

        CE Approval

    6) Easy to use

        Deceleration over-excitation function, Excellent speed research tracking function.

        Under-voltage stall function, Automatic energy-saving control of fan/pump type.

        Friendly operation keypad, and powerful internal logic function, Rich expansion functions etc.

    7) Compact Structure Design

        Select new generation IGBT technology with high junction temperature and high power density to save.

        installation space and facilitate electrical layout.

    8) Excellent Performance

        Speed control precision:±0.5%(SVC),±0.02% (VC)

        Speed control range:1:200 (SVC), 1:1000 (VC)

        Overload:120% of rated output current for lasting.

                       150% of rated output current for 1 minute.

                       180% of rated output current for 8s

    9) Support Wi-Fi access function

    10) Support Mobile APP to factiliate debugging and monitoring inverter status.

    11) Support high frequency output up to 3000HZ for driving high speed motors


      Wiring Diagram


     Dimension (mm):

  • It's available for 3phase AC induction motor and permanent magnet synchronous motors, Such as paper process, Rolling machine, Metal machine tools, Food process machine, Air compressor, Ceramic Ball  mill, Dumpling machine, CNC machine, Wooden machine, Industrial washing machine, Plastic injection machine, & Big intertia loadding machine etc.

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