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Yaskawa J1000 Series Mini Frequency Drive
  • Input voltage,V
  • 1PH 200V~240V
  • 3PH 200V~240V
  • 3PH 380V~480V
  • Power range , kW
  • 0.1kW~2.2kW
  • 0.1kW~5.5kW
  • 0.2kW~5.5kW


  • So easy to use---just switch it on and you're ready to go. J1000 is fully capable of efficient performance and energy saving, handling variable speed needs in compact applications. A drive that exemplifies true world quality with a difference you can really feel.


    Compact Design

    Every drive has dual rating, Normal Duty (ND) and Heavy Duty (HD). Parameter settings let the user select the rating that best suits the application needs. Selecting ND allows the drive to operate a more powerful motor an entire frame size larger than with HD. Side-by-Side installation and J1000's impressively compact design make it possible to fit the entire setup into even the narrowest enclosures.

    Note :  Current derating must be considered. Select a motor that has a current rating within the rated current of the drive.

    How Side-by-Side Installation Works

    Example: 200V 0.75 kW


    Note: If the last drive in a series is installed next to a wall, a 30 mm gap is required.

    Use J1000's slender Finless Type for an even more compact installation. Options also include an easy-to-connect NEMA 1 Type 1 kit to provide the protection the drive needs.

    Compact Setup in Enclosure Panel (mm)

    Example :

    200 V Class,

    Three-Phase Input 3.7 kW (HD)


    Note: As the Finless Type lacks its own heatsink, steps still need to be taken to ensure proper heat dissipation. The example above shows a drive installed to a fully-enclosed panel with an external cooling unit added to handle cooling requirements. Refer to the manual for details.

    Easy Operation

    The Setup Mode gives the user quick access to the basic parameters needed to get the application running right away. This feature ensures quick and easy setup once the drive is installed. The Verify Menu lists all setting that have been changed from their original default values.

    Verify Menu

    Parameters changed from their default values


    Environmentally Friendly

    J1000 is fully compliant with EU's RoHS.


    J1000 uses Yaskawa's Swing PWM function to suppress electromagnetic and audible motor noise, creating a more peaceful environment.

    Acoustic Noise Levels from Swing PWM vs. Conventional PWM


    Note:  Calculated by analyzing noise generation and comparing peak values.

  • Packing machine,Dumpling machine,Treadmill,Temperature/Humidity control fan for agriculture and aquaculture,Mixer for food processing,Grinding machine,Drilling machine,Small size hydraulic lathe,Coating equipment,Small size milling machine,Robot arm of injection machine (clamp),Wooden machine (two-side wood working planter),Edge bending machine,Elasticizer,etc

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